26 April

Inexpensive Halloween Costumes for Kids

Children all around the world love Halloween, because it’s a holiday where they are allowed to eat as many sweets as possible and stay past their bedtime to go from door to door trick or treating. In this article, we’ve gathered some creative and simple costumes that you can make by yourself without having to spend a large sum of money. These 4 popular Halloween costumes 2015 ideas will help you give free reign to your imagination so that you are able to create something amazing for your children to wear on Holiday.

DIY cat costume

This feline costume is perfect for a little girl who wants to be girly on Halloween. You can put together a great cat costume by pairing a pair of black pants with a black blouse or a black skirt with a black bodysuit. A black long sleeve dress could also work here but don’t forget to complete the look by buying or making from scratch an headband that has attached cat ears. This cheap costume is perfect for a Halloween party or a birthday party.

Little riding hood

Here is a very pretty little red riding hood costume for girls. This costume for girl consists of a skirt with red and white pattern on which is sewn a white apron and a red lace on the bottom of the skirt, a small white frilly top, a black corset with red lace and a red cape with a hood to tie around the neck. This is a cheap costume idea, with beautiful finishes that can be even made from scratch, if you improvise with the clothing pieces you have available. It’s ideal for a Holiday party or other costume themed parties.

Angel costume

Your little girl will certainly be delighted when she discovered this angel costume that she can wear for Halloween or during a birthday party. This angel costume is not hard to create and it’s also very affordable. An essential element to this angel costume is a pair of white wings with fine detailing. If you are on a low budget, drew inspiration from pictures that you can find online or look for tutorials that will teach you how to create a pair of white wings from scratch.

Harry Potter costume

If you are not too artsy, then consider making a simple costume, like the one in the image above. Your child will have fun to relive the adventure of Harry Potter and his friends Hermione and Ron in their Hogwart school uniforms. By wearing this Harry Potter costume, your little boy can feel like a poweful wizard for one night! This Harry Potter child costume consists of a dark wizard’s robe with the Hogwarts school logo sewn on the chest.