28 February

Invest in a levitating speaker and enjoy quality music

You might have definitely heard that there is on the market a type of speakers that defy gravity and float above the ground. Well, if it so, you should know that they not only look great, but they also provide an improved sound quality, and more and more Hollywood stars are investing in a levitating speaker system. Their design is the first aspect, which makes people, consider them as their next purchase, because they amaze with the fact that they levitate. Some people speak about magic devices, others are amazed to see that humans have discovered a way to defy gravity. These devices are the great mix of technology and design, and if you are interested in buying one you should read the reviews provided by levitating-speaker.com, an online platform, which offers its readers all the details they have to know about a wide range of products.

What options do I have?

If you decided to invest in such a device, you should take your time and do a little research to see what options you have. The majority of them have some common features, they float and they can be used for both playing music and conducting phone conversations, but there are some models, which have some specific properties. For example, some of them can be placed in water, because liquids do not affect their functions. Therefore, in case you want to take them with you in your swimming pool, or shower, you should consider one of them. Others are able to play music even when they are aware from the base, you only have to charge them. They come in a wide range of shapes and colors, so you have to see which one fits into the décor of your room, to be sure that it complements the other objects.

What to consider when buying a levitating speaker?

Depending on your needs, you should look for one, which has the features you want. However, if you only want to purchase a new speaker, you should consider its battery life. You should go with one that has a long battery life, but you have to know that this feature is influenced by the way you use the device, because in case you use it for phone conversations, the battery life is way more short that when you use it as a simple speaker. In addition, you have to know that the battery life varies according to the music volume, and the majority of developers recommend using it at a 70% volume, for extending it. Other aspect you should take into consideration is the compatibility with the other devices from your house, because there are some models, which are compatible only with specific phones and tables and you have to read carefully their specifications. Depending on their usage, you should consider the distance from which you can handle the device, which can be 10 meters or longer. The best thing you can do when you decide to purchase a floating speaker is to read the review provided by trustworthy website, because from them you will find complete details.