4 September

iPhones – the easiest smartphones to sell

If for some reason you want to sell your used iPhone online, you are luckier than most people who are trying to sell other brands, because you will manage to do this in as little as a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell your phone to an individual buyer or a second hand phone service, because the process will be just as easy. So easy, in fact, that you will not be having problems with buyers rejecting faulty gadgets or asking you to drop the price below reasonable standards. Here are some reasons why iPhones have become the easiest smartphones to sell.

Apple is a popular brand

With a record of accomplishment of innovation and elegance, Apple has made itself a reputation as a premium manufacturer and there are millions of people who want to buy their products unconditionally. Sometimes, people are so eager to buy an iPhone that they don’t even care that much about its generation. You can sell iPhone 6 64GB if you have one, but people can also be interested in an iPhone 4S or 5. Unlike other brands, which only draw attention if you want to sell the latest flagship, Apple is coveted because people want to be associated with premium quality products. You might have a hard time getting hundreds of offers for a Samsung Galaxy S3, but not an iPhone 5, even if both were released the same year.

New iPhones are expensive

Apple’s premium look and feel comes at a cost, a very high cost. When a new iPhone is launched, a huge number of fans wait outside the Apple store to get their hands on the latest flagship, but most people sit in front of their computers, waiting to come across a discount. For example, a brand new and unlocked iPhone 6 retails at about $650, which most people think it’s too much for a phone. Buying the phone second hand is the simplest way to save money and enjoy the gadget without feeling guilty. iPhones are usually resilient gadgets and still work well after a couple of years of use, so Apple fans have nothing against buying a second hand device.

Used and faulty iPhones also have their use

Accidents are inevitable and even the most careful people can drop or scratch their phones. Normally, you can easily solve this problem by shipping them back to the manufacturer and have the broken component fixed or replaced, but Apple does not have an official service. If they find that the problem was due to faulty manufacturing, then warranty covers for it and they will give you a new phone. If you were responsible for the malfunction, you have to find a service that can help you. Since Apple doesn’t sell spare components (except for accessories), service shops either use fake components or use components taken from broken iPhones. So, if you have an iPhone that you cannot use at all and that seems completely useless, it’s not. You can still get several pounds on it, because it will be torn apart and recycled.