23 November

Is heat treatment effective in the fight against bed bugs?

Bed bugs are difficult to detect and control, because they are very small and great at hiding in tiny crevices. What is more, these pests have also become resistant to insecticides, so their population has gone out of control in recent years. Considering the fact that they are difficult to access, resistant to insecticide and a pain to have around the house, pest control professionals and homeowners have tried to find new ways of exterminating them. A novel and ingenious way to get rid of bed bugs inside a structure is using heat. You can find numerous bed bugs heat treatment Toronto providers, because this is the most efficient method of extermination that ensures you will not only the bed bugs get destroyed, but also their eggs. Bed bugs are pests no one would want around their house and their kids. Although the danger of infestation is limited, the nasty bites of these bugs can also cause allergies and put the health of your children in danger.

Heat treatment advantages


Heat is an effective and efficient way to kill bed bugs, not to mention that homeowners can choose from multiple options and alternatives when it comes to heat treatments from steam systems to hot dryers. Heat in the form of heat can be used efficiently to kill bugs that hide in carpets and behind upholstered furniture, while hot dryers are mainly used to exterminate bed bugs that hide inside household items. You can also treat furniture by using a large heat chamber. The main advantage of using heat treatment against bed bugs is the fact that it is non-toxic and safe to use on every belonging you have from furniture to clothing. What is more, heat will kill off the entire colony from adult to eggs, making the extermination thorough. Other solutions will only affect the bed bugs leaving their eggs intact, and this means that you will have to deal with the same problem every year.


Treating bed bugs infested rooms

When treating infested rooms, pest management specialists use steam heat to ensure every corner of the room is reached. The temperature of the steam need to be carefully controlled so as to ensure that bed bugs and their eggs get destroyed. The treatment also needs to last a certain period of time, depending on the temperature of the steam. While heat treatment is extremely efficient, pest management companies also need to protect homeowners’ belongings against the heat. This is why, the steam is not hot enough to damage the room, but hot enough to exterminate the bugs. Generally, pest control uses a professional steamer with adjustable temperature. Steaming an infested room takes time and control, so those doing this job require patience. To ensure all bugs are eradicated, pest specialists need to work slowly. The moment they hurry up, the temperature will fluctuate and the changes of complete extermination are lowered.