20 October

Is mobile shelving worth the investment?

Office storage can sometimes pose a real challenge as more and more office environments experience space limitations for actual work areas as well, let alone storage. As businesses grow, space demands grow too, but relocation is hardly ever a profitable endeavour, so business owners and managers rely on storage solutions to accommodate these needs. Lately, more and more offices and businesses have focused their attention on mobile shelving, an efficient way of handling increased storage needs. However, as any efficient solution, this type of shelving comes with a price and the price is not the lowest you can find. So the question is whether the significant investment required by mobile units pay off on the long run.

Half the space


One of the greatest advantages of mobile shelving is that it can free up a lot of your floor space. If your business is growing and you need more floor space for desks and work areas, then you know just how important every inch is. Cutting in your storage space mat be tempting, but what do you do with all the files and other stock items that you need to keep on site? Well, by installing mobile units you can actually store the same amount of loads in half the space your standard shelving is using at the moment. This is because mobile bays slide from one another and create just the one necessary aisle for you to access the files you need. Thus, they eliminate the need for fixed aisles between each pair of bays, so the floor space usage is reduced to half. This means that, if your employees number grows, you won’t need to build extra office, which can be a huge expense, so the investment made in mobile units is totally worth it.


Double the capacity


Let’s say that it’s not your desk space that needs increased, but rather you storage space. Although most companies and businesses today are making great efforts to go paperless, there are still many environments in which those efforts are just impossible. Legal offices are required by law to keep client files on paper, as are banks and building societies. Hospitals still require signed papers to be stored for medical records, admission papers and so on. To that extent, you might need to increase your storage capacity without actually having any extra space. Well, mobile shelving can help you in this situation as well. If you use the same floor space as you currently have dedicated to your storage system but install mobile bays instead of regular ones, your storage capacity will double. This is because each aisle gets occupied by an extra bay and access to files is made by sliding the bays and creating one, single aisle. Again, this eliminates the need to invest in further storage space, build a new stockroom from scratch or, even worse, relocate. It also helps better organise your files, which makes the investment worth every penny.