22 July

Is physiotherapy an actual science?

In recent years the practice of physiotherapy is becoming more and more popular among ordinary people. This is mainly explained by the fact that athletes have promoted this type of treatment that is used in particular for treating sprained knees and other sport related injuries. Now you too can get access to the same treatment as athletes if you review these links. However, there is still a certain amount of skepticism related to the practice of physical therapy which is still widely regarded as an alternative form of medicine. It is true that that physical therapy is quite comprehensive, but is it actually science-based?

Accurate science

The truth is that physiotherapy is a science-based medical practice and not fraudulent. One argument in favor of this assertion is the fact that that physiotherapy makes use of data, theories and explanation in the course of its activity. In addition to his, the practice uses only widely recognized evaluations so as to determine the state of health of the patient. Although physical therapy can be regarded as an alternative form of medicine due to the fact that it does not involve the administration of drugs or surgical intervention. Practitioners work mostly with physical exercise, but this does not by any way means that they are prevented from resorting to massage and hydrotherapy.

Treatment schemes

Physical therapy is destined for the treatment of illnesses and affection such as pain and disease and function so as to improve the life style of the patient and enhance mobility and flexibility. Equally important is the fact that treatment schemes are developed only after realizing comprehensive research and what should be kept in mind is the fact that the physiotherapy is governed by the same rules as regular medicine and are thus professionals are liable for malpractice. Besides this, the treatments are based exclusively on evidence and in order to practice physical therapists undergo serious training. In order to establish diagnoses, the professional has to have knowledge of anatomy, neuroscience and physiology.

Fair share of clinical research     

In the beginning it is hard to picture physical therapists doing research and clinical trials. Given the fact that physiotherapy is a solid medical profession, practitioners too have to be able to carry out experiment s in order to broaden the knowledge gained in university. The treatments that are presently administered to the patients are actually based on hard facts and evidence, in other words clinical reasoning that allows the therapist to assess the patient’s needs based on the latest technology and methods.

To conclude, physical therapy is not a quack and patient s should not have second thoughts when it comes to embracing this form of treatment. Many studies have demonstrated that physical therapy is beneficial for improving countless affection such as heart conditions and back pain.