3 May

Items that should not miss from any student room

If this is the first time your child is leaving home to attend college and they will be staying in a student accommodation Liverpool unit, you will need to make sure they have everything needed to live comfortable. For many parents this time can be very stressful, as this will be the first time their child will be independent from them and they will be apart for such a long time. To this extent, this is what you should make sure they have with them:

Spare bedding

The last thing you want is for your child to sleep in the same sheets the entire year. This is why be sure to get them two bedding sets, as this way they will be able to change them once in a while, even if it still means that you will be the one to wash them. You can choose two different designs together. Girls will definitely want to have a say in the design of their beddings and if you have a son, he will probably settle for whatever you get him anyway.

Waterproof shoes

You should definitely make sure your kid has a good pair of waterproof shoes. Students always have to walk a lot between classes or when they go shopping for groceries and to prevent them from catching a cold every month, waterproof shoes are essential. You can either choose a pair of shoes together or surprise your kid with a last moment going away gift that will include the much-needed shoes as well.

A radio alarm clock

You might think that the phone alarm will do, but if your child is one of those people who have a really slow start in the morning, they will need all the help they can get. The radio alarm clock is perfect because they can set it to wake them up on their favourite tunes and at the same time, it does not make the ticking sounds, which can be something that annoys many people.

A coffee mug

Sure, this might not be an essential item, but everyone should have a special coffee mug that they only use for that and if since you kid is about to become an independent adult, you should make sure they have their own coffee mug. Again, it could be an item that you choose together or something part of your final gift.

A warm blanket

The light blanket is one of those items that will come in handy in many situations, whether it will be used during a late study night or when watching a movie, the blanket will always be one of the most used items in that room!

These are some of the items that every student should have whenever they are leaving for university. Of course, you should always ask your child, in case they might want something in particular. This way you will be certain that they have everything they need to live comfortably at school and have a good start in their new life.