1 February

Key facts about gaskets and how they are used

If you are not working in one of the domains that uses gaskets, you might probably do not know what they are and how they are used. A gasket is an item made from a combination of materials or from a single material, which is placed between two stationary members in order to prevent the passage of the media across them. The gasket is selected according to the usage the gasket, and the surfaces that need to be sealed. Many of them are used in aerospace engineering Canada, because they are able to withstand the application of pressure and temperatures.

Types of gaskets

There are many types of gaskets, and they can be classified according to the multiple properties they have. So members can be sealed with the help of metallic, semi-metallic and soft cut gaskets. The properties of every type of gasket are varying according to its performance and the material from which it is manufactured.

How the right gasket should be selected

When companies need gaskets, they have to select the right type for their products taking into consideration some aspects. The first one is the temperature of the media that will be contained by the two members, because there are special gaskets designed for sealing the members which feature high temperatures. The second one is the pressure of the media where it has to be placed. The third and fourth ones are represented by the corrosive nature and the criticality of the application. Every members that has to sealed has specific properties and needs special gaskets.

EMI shielding

EMI shielding or electromagnetic interference shielding, is the process of reducing the electromagnetic field, by decreasing it with covers or barriers made from magnetic or conductive materials. Usually this shielding is applied to items that have to be isolated electrically from the outside world. In addition, wires are isolated with the help of this system, from the environment through which they run. Some of these shields are produced to block radio frequency electromagnetic radiation interference. The companies that choose to use high quality EMI gaskets, will increase the efficiency of their products, and will be sure that they offer reliable items. These companies manufacture exactly the types of shielding every domain needs, and according to their specific requirements. For example, EMI shielding, alongside with cushioning pads, radar device cushioning, and sensor production are used in the aerospace and defence sectors.