31 August

Latest trends in Indian wear for women

Ethnic clothing was never such a must as these days, and even if you might not believe, women who are not native Indian choose to wear traditional clothes, because they consider them amazing items. So no matter if Indian clothes are your native wear or not, you should have at least some items in your wardrobe, to wear them whenever you want to make a statement. But, you should not purchase whatever dress or clothing article you find online, because as with any other wear, this one has its yearly innovations, and you have to be sure that you stay in touch with the latest trends. You should take a look on the runaway and see what Indian Clothes Sydney designers promote this year. If you want to be a Bollywood diva, then you should consider some of the following trends, because they would help you create an amazing Indian ethnic wardrobe.

Say yes to unusual colour combinations

You might not be accustomed with these combinations of shades, but you should know that long are the days when you had to combine a bold colour with a nude tone, for being considered fashionable. Now you can say yes to whatever colour combination, as long as it is pleasant to the eye and you like it. You only have to take the colour chart, watch a Bollywood movie and try an outfit you would not buy on a daily basis. Once you start to mix and match different shades and materials, you would see how the magic happens, and you would want to experiment more.

Summer or winter – try some layers

When speaking of layers the majority of people think that they should wear them only in the cold season, but when it comes to Indian clothing, layers has a different meaning.  Western wear is all about layers, and you can feel free to try not only different colours for the clothing articles, but different fabrics. Try a velvet jacket over a silk blouse and if you want to transform your look into one of a Bollywood diva, then wear a long jacket with gold or silver embroidery.

Try different types of sarees

Western fashion is all about not being boring, and the best way to do so is to try different types of sarees and see which one of them is suitable for your body shape. Designers promote new models of this clothing item every year, and if you want to make a statement with your outfit, then you should be innovative and forget about the normal salwar suit. Depending on the season, you can opt for simple sarees or printed ones, because every model is suitable to be worn with a certain occasion. For more inspiration you can take a look at the outfits worn by women in movies and TV series, and if you are a fashion addict, then you should read some of the advices offered by Indian designers in specialised magazines. As with any other clothing trend, Indian wear has some features you have to consider if you want to obtain a great look.