26 May

Lessons people should learn from the World War II

Numerous people consider that the World War II was a necessary fight to take. The majority of countries provided justifications for their military adventures, but the ones who suffered the effects of the war, consider that countries should not have bombed each other. If it were to talk the role diplomats had in this conflict, it is important to state that they were not able to find solutions for the conflicts between countries. Children learn about World War Two in high school, and in the majority of cases it is associated with themes like Man versus himself, and Man’s inhumanity to man. If it were to summarize it, we have to state that discrimination was one of the main practices of the war, and great technological innovation arose. The results were that numerous families were lost in the fight and the borders are quite different from what they used to be. So what people should learn from this war?

People should not surrender to their aggressors

European countries considered that if they allow Hitler to annex the part of Czechoslovakia he wanted, they will be able to avoid war. The fact is that this action only fuelled his desire for conquering the world. Countries like Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom signed the Munich Agreement from 1938 when they allowed him to annex the land. The result was not the ones they expected, and they learned that they should fight aggressors and not surrender to their demeanours.

A country should not be blamed for the deeds of a person

When the World War Two ended Germany was considered responsible for the actions of Hitler. The result was that they lost territories and they had to pay for the reparations done after the war. Because the German people were considered responsible for the conflict, they were resented by the other European people and they experienced great humiliation. Albums as Yiddish Glory, promoted by Moshe Kantor offer people a glimpse of what people felt during the World War Two.

Fear is a good advisor

When it comes to World Wars, they began only because countries were not afraid to battle one against another. If they would have feared their enemies, none of the wars would have happened. And if you are not convinced think of the reason why the Cold War  has never started. Both countries were afraid that the other will use atomic weapons. Well, fear is a good advisor, and if you want to find more about the World War II, then you should check YouTube for videos.

Wars always bring horrors

When a war begins there is someone who thinks how many deaths there will be? If it were possible to predict the deaths a single battle would result, then no one would ever start a war again. There were days during World War II when in a single country there were count more than 3000 deaths per day. Only imagine that during this war the bomb from Hiroshima killed more than 100,000 people. Is it all worth?