18 February

Little black dress – how to dress it up

Black is considered the colour that reflects elegance and wearing a black dress definitely offers you a classy and elegant aspect. For this reason, little black dresses have become a fashion icon that can be worn at nearly any special occasion. If you are interested in purchasing such a dress, you should start some quick research on the Internet and websites such as http://www.bellafashionqueen.co.uk might be a good place to start. Below are some useful tips that might help you dress up the little black dress according to each occasion.

Choose the right dress

It is important to know that not all little black dresses are the same. Some are more stylish than others and not all dresses are suitable for all event occasions. You have to know what dress to pick, even though it is about a black one. For instance, for parties or lunches, a fitted black shift dress that goes just above your knee might be more appropriate. Experts recommend not choosing dresses that cling to the body for these occasions. In the case of eveningwear, whether you go to a date or to an event, you can opt for a well-shaped ruched dress. As it was previously mentioned, black is the classic colour and it is the easiest one to accessorize and work with.

Pick up the right shoes

Each dress requires a certain type of shoes, so make sure you match the dress and the shoes with the event to which you are going. For the office or informal events, you can opt for plain black and unadorned shoes. For a casual look, suitable for classic evenings, you can match your little black dress with some ballet slipper flats, sandals or even pumps. If you want to add more colour to your outfit, you can choose some high-heeled pumps that are in a brighter colour, such as red or green.


Wearing a black dress is the perfect occasion to emphasise your jewellery. You can even use some sparkling earrings if you want to, because nearly anything can be combined with black dresses. Diamond necklaces or pearls can definitely bring you that romantic Audrey Hepburn look that anyone will envy. You can even accessorize your outfit with a beautiful scarf or a classy pair of gloves. Moreover, the bag is also important in every event. Since the black dress serves as a backdrop for the others accessories of your outfit, you have to pay attention to what bag you choose. For instance, a small clutch bag is probably the most suitable for evening events.

Makeup is also important

Last but not least, makeup completes your outstanding outfit. Choose a makeup look that emphasises your facial features, but also your wardrobe from that day. Pay attention to what colour you choose for your eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish, in order to be the right elements that complete your outfit.

Overall, these are only a few tips that might help you dress up the little black dress in accordance to each event.