26 May

Mandatory services for a successful garden wedding

Planning a wedding is not something easy, especially if you are dreaming about a huge ceremony and a majestic party afterwards. Fortunately, the wedding industry has developed a lot lately and you no longer have to deal with things by yourself. This is due to the fact that nowadays you can hire a specialised company to take care of almost anything on your behalf. While some things you need (or want) to choose yourself, here are some examples of dedicated service providers that can help you plan your outdoor wedding:

Marquee hire

If you are getting married during summer and you have chosen an outdoor location, be it your garden, a park or a terrace, you have to keep in mind weather. Of course you have chosen a period when the weather is fine, but you never know, so you should better be prepared for any surprise. This means that you need to look for a company specialised in wedding marquee hire London and ask for their services. The marquee is a great construction suitable for the occasion, since it is elegant, graceful and also resistant. It will protect your guests in case of rain, providing a reliable shelter while also allowing them to enjoy the outdoor ceremony. In addition to this, if the weather stays fine but you are planning to serve foods outside, you need to protect it from direct sun exposure. To this end, the marquee will do the job perfectly. As you can see, it is a mandatory element for your garden wedding.



Although you have the ceremony outdoors and the cocktail party later in the night, in a classy venue, you still have to serve some appetizers, snacks and champagne. If you are planning about a small ceremony, where you are only inviting your family and closest friends, you may think you do not need to hire a catering company. This is completely false, unless you want to struggle with finding someone else to deal with this task or even do it yourself. For a bigger event, there is no question that hiring a professional catering company is a life saver. They are going to bring all the necessary equipment to prepare and serve fresh dishes, the necessary ingredients as well as the staff in charge with distributing the foods. You will not have to worry about absolutely anything, because they have everything under control.



No party can happen without music, and your wedding ceremony is no exception. Whether you are fancying walking down the aisle on a particular song, or you hope all the guests will stay some more time after the ceremony is over and chat or even dance, music is a mandatory element. For this reason, you have to choose a reliable service provider that can offer you not only performing sound equipment, but also a DJ or a band, to perform during your wedding. Make sure they are using late hour devices and try to get familiar with the ones performing, in order to prevent a musical fiasco.