25 January

Metal, Slate or Tile Roof – what to choose

Many people do not know that they have many options from which to choose when they have to change the roof. Different designers suggest different types of roofs, according to the style of the house, and on the area where it is located. The fact is that people should not select the type of roof without finding the advantages and disadvantages of every one of them, and without asking the advice of a specialist. Many designers recommend metal, slate or tile Toiture Rive-Sud, for the persons that want to change their roof.

Metal roof

The metal roof is more expansive than the other types, but it also lasts longer. It can be made from zinc alloy, steel, copper or aluminium, and the steel ones usually come with a painted finish or a zinc coating. The zinc ones are installed unfinished and the homeowner should apply a protective green patina. The owners have two options from which they can choose, with exposed or hidden fasteners. Depending on the material this type of roof can be from fairly to very durable. It is lightweight and it is available for steep or low-sloped roofs. The costs of metal roof are varying according to the used material.

Slate roof

It is one of the oldest types of roofs, and it is quite expensive, but it resists fire and wind. It is made from natural slate rock, and it is very durable and long lasting. It is quite heavy, so the homeowner should be sure that the company hired to do this project also reinforces the roofing structure, to support it. It requires a steel slope and it is resistant to wind and fire. This type of roof requires a team of experienced specialists to install it.

Tile roof

The tile roof can be of two types, concrete and clay. Every one of them has specific advantages. The clay version is made from natural clay that is fired in a kiln. It requires low maintenance and ant it is long lasting. It is quite heavy, so the homeowner has to reinforce the roof frame. It features an excellent fire resistance, but it is not suited for windy areas. The concrete tile roof is made from a mixture of sand and cement and it is long lasting. It requires a reinforced roof framing, and it is very resistant at fire. If the clay version is quite expensive, this one is affordable.