23 May

Most Effective Eyelash Growth Serums on the Market

Whether you use extensions, mascaras to lengthen eyelashes or eyelash growth treatments, long lashes are extremely popular. Does eyelash growth products work? Is it really worth it to invest in these products? Before you decide to buy a specific brand of eyelash growth serum, read more about the products that we’ve chosen today.


This revitalizing eyelash growth serum is a product created by a doctor who wanted to help his wife to have her eyebrows and eyelashes regenerate after undergoing a chemo treatment. The product is focused on promoting healthier and stronger eyelashes. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner contains natural ingredients that moisturize the lash line. This way, the lashes become more stronger and smoother.

Ardell Lash

Ardell Lash promises to help repair weak lashes and help eyebrows restore thickness. These results can be obtained thanks to the concentrated serum that contains multi-proteins similar to those of other brands you’ve heard about. According to customer reports, the results are visible after one week of using this eyelash growth serum.

Mantra Lash

Mantra Lash eyelash growth serum is a 100% natural, composed of 18 cold-pressed pure oils and Vitamin E. You can expect thicker and darker eyelashes and eyebrows in just a couple of weeks. Moreover, there are no side effects such as irritation or discomfort because these ingredients are all natural and herbal.

L’Oreal – Eyelash Serum

The L’Oreal eyelash serum contains keratin protein. As a result, your eyelashes are fortified and are less likely to break or fall. The serum is enriched with amino acids, helping to boost eyelash growth. Meanwhile, plant extracts protect and nourish the lashes, keeping them in healthy condition.


Latisse is one of the most popular eyelash growth serum available on the market. This is a prescribed drug that promises to enhance the length of the lashes while fortify them. According to customer reports, this product offers fast results in only one week. However, keep in mind that the eyelash lengthening is not permanent. Also, eye or eyelid discoloration is a possible side effect.

NeuLash Lash Enhancing Serum

NeuLash lash enhancing serum promises to make the eyelashes stronger and healthier in just 30 days thanks to the Active Eyelash Technology. Moreover, the sodium hyaluronate moisturizes the lashes, thus promoting shine and softness. The amino acids and bioengineered peptides help to strengthen the lashes while protecting them from air contaminants. Vitamin B, pumpkin seed extract and Panthenol moisturize and fortify the lashes.

The products presented above are the most popular lash growth serums. Nevertheless, we advise you to read some reviews before using such a product, as some serums can have negative side effects. On eyelashgrowthserum.reviews you can learn more about the benefits and the possible risks of the lash growth serums presented above.