30 November

MusicPromoToday Discusses the Changes to Note in the Music Industry for 2016

The music industry evolves and changes faster than anything else and artists constantly need to adapt their marketing strategies in order to maintain their success. As someone who might be at the beginning of the road, music promotion services, such as the ones offered by MusicPromoToday have become the secret of success. While social media continues to be a great way of self-promotion, it still takes a lot of skill to navigate the intricate world of marketing and develop a personalized recipe for success. Here is what musicians should focus on starting from 2016:]

Marketing themselves through social media

Without doubt social networks lead the digital marketing world as they are by far the most efficient ones in reaching the targeted audience. So many successful artists these days use social networks as their main method of advertising, but as with all things, this is never enough and those who want to grow and maintain their success will eventually need to hire an experienced PR agency. The secret to social media is being completely engaged and establishing a personal connection with one’s fans. Taylor Swift is a great example in this aspect, as her social media presence has had a very personal approach, which is why it has been so successful up to this moment.

Artists should stay in touch with the latest digital music updates and new ways to watch video

With so many new platforms that constantly make their way on the market, artists need to keep up the pace and stay one step ahead of everyone. Their fans now have access to music from a wide variety of devices and music videos are uploaded on various new platforms. MusicPromoToday is the PR agency that used the trailer for Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’ music video along with personalized blogs, video blogs, interviews and banners that featured the trailer in order to increase the number of followers and make sure that when the video was finally launched it received over 300M views on YouTube. As far as hip hop promotion goes, this is definitely something that can work for anyone.

Some might say that only Beyoncé can afford this type of marketing campaign, but PR agencies can help any up-and-coming artists to reach their full potential by using all digital resources available in the market. In 2016 the accent will be placed more than ever on customer satisfaction to a point where even Google will include thumbnails for searches of video stills.

Radio and TV still remain important advertising methods

Even though some may think that the impact both TV and radio campaigns have over the success of an artist is fairly limited, artists such as Adele have become famous through radio, and continue to advertise their music using these means. While social media promotion has taken things to the next level, musicians should still not eliminate radio and TV from their marketing campaigns because they still have an impact on the older audiences who are not as active on social media as the younger generation is.