3 May

Outsourced or in-house secretarial services? The best option for small businesses


Outsourcing is a new trend many small business owners turned their attention to in the past few years. Fact is, outsourcing is more beneficial in many cases than creating in-house specialised departments is.  These services offer work of a higher quality and reduced overall costs, which makes them the perfect alternative for both small and large enterprises. Minimizing the overall operational expenditure is what these corporate secretarial services Singapore excel at, but let’s see what other benefits of outsourced secretarial services are. 

Versatile services

Unlike in the past, when you had to outsource the entire secretarial department if you decided doing so, nowadays secretarial services are more flexible. Business owners are able to outsource only the specific tasks their department is unable to deal with. Also, these services come as a great benefit if you look forward to make the workload of your own department bearable. Because the companies that offer secretarial services only retain the highly trained individuals for a job, each of them has an area of expertise in which they activate. This will contribute significantly to the flexibility levels a company has with the outsourced secretarial services, while the statutory finances return, tax income status and other complex tasks are professionally analysed.

A cost efficient alternative

In order to create a dedicated department in a small enterprise, you must invest many on your financial resources in recruiting the perfect employees, then hiring them on appealing wages, as well as paying for their social services and medical coverage. This increases the overall expenses a company has, which in most of the cases will not offer a profitable return. If creating a dedicated department represents much of an expense for your company, outsourcing is the answer you are looking for. Also, most of the times, your employees must undergo specific training programs, for which your company must pay. Investing in your human resources is mandatory, regardless of their department, but if the human resource that is working for you is already highly skilled and has a portfolio of courses that they have, you won’t have to invest your company’s money in this part. This is why outsourcing is maybe the greatest solution in the present economic context.

Increased overall efficiency

When your staff knows exactly what they must do, they work more efficiently. When they work more efficiently, you know that your overall income will increase. This is one of the main reasons why secretarial services from specialised companies are so appreciated by all small business owners. They do not afford to waste time, which in the case of in-house secretarial departments happens quite often. On the other hand, the workload is managed efficiently and professionally, which allows you own employees to work efficiently and profitably as well.

These are some of the greatest benefits of hiring secretarial services from a specialised company. Make sure you collaborate only with the best on the market for proper services.