23 September

Playing with wall canvases around the house

Decorating homes certainly is a pleasant activity. It is true however, that things tend to complicate themselves, as you have tones of ideas and you simply cannot decide. Maybe if you could detach yourself from the project you could see things differently and decorating your own home won’t turn out to be such a challenge. Also, being awarded with a few tips might be just as helpful. Since decorating is all about perspective, perhaps you might want to hear a thing or two about wall canvases. These are very appreciated at the moment and plenty of homeowners decide to use them to embellish their rooms. Here are a few aspects that could indeed guide you as to what canvases to purchase and where and how to place them on walls.

Deciding on the right canvases


With such a large range of choices, it might turn out to be rather complicated to decide on just a few of them. However, a mention ought to be made. You either go with the same idea everywhere in the house or you choose your theme based on the room that needs a bit of decorating. For instance, if you are a traveling enthusiast and you want to make this idea as clear as possible, then canvases illustrating some of the most beautiful locations in world could be an idea. On the other hand, if you are focused on the kitchen you could go for famous bakeries or great looking culinary dishes. This is the idea, choosing an idea and staying with it.

Maintaining a balance

One of the biggest problems homeowners have to overcome when it comes to decorating their house with paintings or wall canvases is to avoid turning the rooms into art museums. It is very important to maintain a balance of some kind. Try not to overcrowd the walls with canvases. For instance, it is preferable to have a maximum of 5 canvases, of various sizes, of course scattered around the walls of a room. However, these rules are not set in stone, so if you feel that more canvases would work, go for it. Still, remember to stay as far from the museum impression as possible.

How to arrange canvases

This is the fun part of the decorating project. You have all your canvases aligned in front you, coming of course in various sizes. Start with theme. Try to arrange them based on theme. Secondly, play with sizes. Put a small canvas next to large one. This will draw attention and make guests wonder what it on the wall. Also, put your imagination to work and try to avoid the straight-line arrangement. There is nothing worse than seeing a long line of canvases with famous cities. Make a square or a rhomb out of them. It will certainly be much better.


Locate a trustworthy canvas provider one that can actually offer you high quality canvases and you will see how simple it really is to decorate your home using these modern art pieces.