21 September

Polka dot – the latest fashion trend

Ribbons are versatile supplies for DIY projects. They come in all kind of patterns, colours, widths and when it comes to being creative, the internet is full of ideas and tips. We are going to help you create a number of toys for toddlers including ribbons, so that in the end you will deserve a rosette ribbon yourself!

1. Tactile toy for toddlers

The supplies you are going to need are household items, and, of course, ribbons! You are going to need an empty plastic container, ribbons in different colours, textures and lengths, and a pair of scissors. For the beginning, make some holes on the sides of your plastic container. The plastic material of the container is safe for an infant to play with. Cut pieces of ribbon in different sizes and thread them through the holes from side to side. Knot them at the ends. Repeat these steps with the lid of the container and the base. Your toddler will enjoy very much pulling the ribbons from side to side.

2. Activity box with ribbons

A few supplies and you will be able to provide your infant a new and safe place to play. You are going to need a big storage box, ribbons long enough to reach from one edge to the other, and a hot glue gun or some superglue. Place your box on one side and glue the pieces of ribbon on the top edge. This is the basic version of the new play area, but you could easily upgrade it by placing some blankets inside for increased comfort.  Ribbons will help your toddler to develop tactile responses to simple stimuli. By placing some of their toys inside you will make sure you are keeping them entertained continuously while you will be able to do some chores.

3. Bottle music shaker

Sound is an important stimuli for toddlers and getting crafty to provide them in order to develop their senses is a good way for you to relax while they sleep. This is probably the easiest craft you could involve, because the supplies you will need are available in every house. Take a small plastic bottle, or any other small container (condiment shakers are also a great idea), some grains or seeds such as rice, popping corn, beans and the list could go on. Not last, you are going to need a few pieces of ribbon in different sizes, colours and textures. Fill your containers about halfway with your beans or other granulated material at your choice. Secure the lid of the container and tie around the neck ribbons at your choice. There you have it, a sensory toy for your toddler to play with and develop their senses.

We provided you a series of ideas to help your new born a good start in life, an interactive way of playing and leaning simultaneously, and a way for you to relax while having them sleeping. If you liked the idea of using ribbons in educative ways, you could stash yourself with different kinds and start to get crafty.