23 October

Prepare yourself for unexpected attic restoration costs

In the past years, having a room in the attic of your house has become popular interior design trend. A property that has such a room is very appreciated on the real estate market, so if you are lucky enough to own this space, then you should make the best out of it. Even if restoring the attic is not an easy thing to do, the job will be done if a flawless manner if you learn a bit about the process, create a forecasted budget and hire a professional contractor. Although you probably want everything to turn out perfect, remember that you should be diligent about the budget. Actually, real estate experts advise homeowners to evaluate the entire property before deciding how much they are going to spend on the mansard restoration.

What is the average cost of such a project?

While the kitchen, for instance, should be allocated about 5-10 percent of the total value of the house, the attic requires about 15 percent. Professionals say that you should not be stingy and spare any expenses, because a great attic can increase considerably the value of your house. Having a forecasted budget is definitely something useful, but even so, as much as you try to have everything settled, there are unexpected costs, such as attic insulation or start repairs, which will make you spend more that you initially thought.


Should there be an additional budget for unexpected costs?

While the normal amount allocated to the restoration project should not exceed 15 percent of the house value, you need to know that this may expand. Experts have repeatedly stated that you should have another 10 percent of the forecasted budget, for surprise situations. Unexpected costs are not necessarily due to the incompetence of the contractor or to the fact that you did not make the math correctly. Most of the times, these are a result of the fact that besides the attic itself, you notice that there are several other things you have to improve.


Which are the most common unforeseen situations?

During the attic remodelling, you will realise that there are several changes that need to be done.

First of all, if you want to transform the attic into a living space, you will have to invest in insulation and roof issues repairs. If you just pass by this room from time to time, you may think that there is no need for that, because the space is insulated, but once you spend hours there, you will see that this is not true. The attic is one of the places where humidity and even mould is likely to accumulate, so you should also take care of cleaning it, before moving there. Besides that, you may also have to straighten or even replace the staircase– after a closer look it may not be prepared for daily foot traffic. The same goes for the floor, which has to be checked and reinforced, in order to support all the furniture.