10 August

Puerto Plata excursions you should buy during your stay

The Dominican Republic is a very popular destination for those who love the emerald seas and sandy white beaches. Its gorgeous scenery and affordable rates appeal to more and more people, which is why it has become a top holiday destination for tourists of all ages, but especially for those who want a perfect honeymoon. Puerto Plata is one of the places that make this county famous for its beauty and it has so many wonderful things to offer to its visitors. To this extent, these are just a few Puerto Plata excursions that you should make during you stay in this destination:

Puerto Plata city tour

Every trip to Puerto Plata should begin with a city tour. This destination is the perfect combination between culture, history and breathtaking landscapes. You can begin your visit with the San Felipe Fort, the place where Christopher Columbus first arrived in 1492. After that, don’t forget to stop by the Amber Museum to see the magnificent ambers housed there, not to mention the building itself, which is a perfect example of a Victorian mansion. There is also the San Felipe Cathedral that should be on your list and the Brugal Run Factory. Puerto Plata is where one of the purest rums in the Dominican Republic is produced, so definitely make sure you taste it before you leave.


Catamaran and snorkeling trip

The waters surrounding Puerto Plata are filled with beautiful corals and lively creatures. There is an entire underwater world that you could discover on the board of a catamaran. They are great for beginners and you can even take your children out, because they will certainly have fun exploring the underwater world surrounding this gorgeous destination. The best part about this experience is that the visibility in these waters is amazing, so you will not have any problems in spotting everything there is to see in this snorkeler’s heaven.


Fishing trip

If you love to fish, this is certainly something that you should not miss. The waters surrounding the area are filled with marine life and you will have fun trying your luck. Catching something is almost guaranteed and there are many possibilities so you should be able to catch something. Do not worry about finishing equipment because you can rent a boat that contains everything and even has an instructor to show you how to fish correctly. Don’t forget to bring your swimming suit and your sunscreen lotion, because you will certainly have plenty of opportunities to swim and have fun with your family or loved one.


Puerto Plata is a popular holiday destination for a reason: it always has something exciting to offer to its visitors and if you are still thinking on whether or not you should make this your next holiday destination, you can rest assured that you will not regret your decision. With so many beautiful things to see and adventures to take part in, it would be a shame not to choose this destination.