22 October

Removing asbestos – a safety measure for your family

Even if you do not know, your house probably contains asbestos, especially if it was build decades ago. Old houses are very stylish and durable, and this is a plus, but they may also have certain hidden dangers, and one of the most harmful is definitely asbestos. This construction material was used ages ago to fill in the gaps between narrow places of the house, such as the space above false ceiling or inside technical ducts. Unfortunately, in case of fire, firefighters would have difficulties gaining access, because of the small spaces where it was placed. In addition to this, years ago it was discovered that the substance increases the risk of cancer, so it has been officially declared a “known human carcinogen”. The mineral has a great impact not only on the people that get in contact with it, but also on the environment, on a long term.

For this reason, nowadays many countries have forbidden by law the use of asbestos, and those who are still having it around the house should start an asbestos removal Edmonton process.

Why is removing asbestos important?

As mentioned above, having asbestos around your house can be a real danger for you and your family. In the mid-90s, it was considered one of the most popular building materials, being used as fire retardant and as an isolator and it was actually effective for both purposes. However, later on, experts discovered that it is extremely hazardous. Small quantities or undisturbed asbestos may not even be harmful, but if you want to make sure the house is safe and secure, you will need to remove it for good. In the past 30 years, this material has been one of the top causes for human cancer, although it was been already prohibited from use. Fortunately, since the topic has become so controversial, there are plenty of asbestos remediation companies offering the best services.


Why should you hire a professional company?

If you suspect that a certain solution is asbestos, the best thing you could do is start looking for a specialized company that takes care of its removal. Hiring a licensed and trustworthy contractor can prevent a lot of potential risks. In case you are having trouble discovering whether you have or not asbestos around the house, you can also hire a competent firm to come and make an inspection. Discovering dangerous materials is not the end of the world, because a professional technician will make sure these are eliminated in a safe manner: they will perform many tests, to see how much asbestos there is and find out its degree of hazard. It is never recommended to try to remove the substance yourself, without adequate equipment, because this can lead to negative repercussions. Basically, any contact with the material is harmful for your health, because the asbestos fibres can transform into dust and you can easily inhale them. This can lead to serious diseases, such as lung ailments or, maybe the most notable, mesothelioma – a deadly and rare type of cancer.