11 February

Ribbons and furniture how to combine them

Even though it might be hard to believe, some people have found ingenious ways to use ribbons, other than most people would think of. With only a touch of creativity, you can find amazing ways to create or modernize certain pieces of furniture you have around the house. For this reason, you should start looking for stores from where you can buy ribbons online. Many companies that provide ribbons have made their services available on the online market in order to reach a larger number of people, so you should start finding the best company right away.

Create amazing cushions

One amazing way to use ribbons is combining it with your furniture. You can create wonderful cushions with only using some colourful ribbons. For this project, besides ribbons, you also need basting canvas, cotton fabric which you are going to use for the back of your cushion, an iron, a pair of scissors, many pins and a sewing machine. After establishing the right size for your cushion, you can start designing the pattern and place the ribbons in the desired way on the basting canvas. Make sure you secure every ribbon with a pin to maintain the same patter all the way through. There are many tutorials on the Internet in case you cannot figure it out and want to know exactly how to do it.

Renew your baskets

Everyone has all sorts of baskets around the house, with various colours and sizes. Those small baskets used for depositing all sorts of stuff can become unaesthetic after a while, so you might consider replacing them. However, in case you want to resort to a cheaper solution, you can choose to purchase a few yards of ribbons and start designing your own basket. You might also need some scissors, a hot glue gun and the specific wire basket. Let your imagination run wild and embark on a do-it-yourself project. It is for sure that these projects are a way to help you get rid of all the stress gathered over the day, not to mention that something beautiful comes out of your hands at the end of this process.

Modernize your chairs

When they move to a new house or start redecorating their existing one, most people choose to dispose old pieces of furniture. Your old chairs might not match your new furniture, but if you think well, you can find wonderful ways to modernize them. With applying a new coat of paint, and using some ribbons and some thumbtacks you can do wonders.