30 May

Rubber stamps buying guide

Rubber stamps can be a practical and convenient office tool, so if you have decided to purchase this type of item for your business, you are probably currently looking for offers. Once you start looking on the internet for options, you will come across a wide variety of purchase opportunities, but how can you decide on the right one? When it comes to customised rubber stamps Singapore, you will need to follow some buying guidelines, in order to spend your money wisely and make a purchase you will not regret. Here are the buying tips you should know about:


Place your order on a shop that give you the possibility to choose exactly the design you want or need. Besides giving you the chance to customize the rubber stamp, you should also have several design option put at your disposal. If you are ordering a set, can you mix and match the rubber stamp styles? Does the company allow you to choose a particular theme? Think about your requirements, and make sure the store provides you with the design versatility you are looking for.

Costs and packing

Besides choosing a cost-effective option (although you should not opt for the cheapest alternative you can find, price still needs to play a role in your purchase), you also need to make sure your stamps will come properly packed. This aspect is essential when you are ordering online, because you probably do not want the items to be damaged due to improper packaging. Ask the company if the items will be delivered in safe storage box.

Consider self or pre ink types

If you are constantly traveling for business purposes, carrying ink with you can be rather unpleasant. Nowadays, you have a more convenient alternative you can opt for – self or pre inked stamps. This type of stamp gives you the chance to use the stamp whenever and wherever, without needing to constantly carry an ink pad with you. So, when you are browsing through the offers of an online store, for example, make sure they give you this option, because it will certainly make things much easier for you.

If you are planning on purchasing rubber stamps, knowing some important guidelines on the topic will come in handy. Because the market offers you so many options to choose form, making the wrong purchase can easily happen, if you are not properly informed. Make sure to keep the tips mentioned above in mind, when you are searching online for stamps, and your money will be well spent.