1 March

Save a bundle on groceries thanks to local Asian market

Even though they offer coupons and special offers, supermarkets and farmer’s markets are still expensive. You can find a good deal now and then, but on the whole you will surely exceed your budget. If you are looking for great products at any day of the week, you should turn to the Asian market. Contrary to popular opinion, the Asian market is not limited to selling rice and soy sauce. What you can find is all sorts of groceries, even those that you would typically find in Western supermarkets. You will immediately realise that buying from an Asian food store is cheaper despite the fact that the products are always of the freshest quality.

Retail tactics – not so sophisticated

The main reason why Asian markets are far less expensive compared to Western ones is that they actually lack the branding and the promotion of great economies. Even though owners of food stores, whether physical or online, invest money in advertising, competitive pricing strategies and on-site optimisation, they do not have the necessary revenue in order to bring you in the store. But this is not necessarily a bad thing because the extra money necessary to perform comes from your pockets. When you visit an Asian store, you will be surprised to find out that the vegetables, fruit and meat are below the Western supermarket standards.

Outstanding produce

In comparison to Western markets, Asian ones are outstanding. To be more precise, if you go into any store you are likely to find over six types of fruits and vegetables. Not only do they have wonderful smells and textures, but you will not find such a wide assortment of products in the local supermarket. You can fill your shopping cart with everything from papaya to rice. Even the meat section is vast. Since no animal part is left behind in Asian cooking, stores are filled with kidneys, paws and heads. Even though you may not be taken aback by seafood, you will have to admit that the variety is huge.

Thai food is cheap to cook

The main characteristic of Thai food is that it provides a great deal of flavour. The food is all about extracting the maximum amount of flavour and this is why the food usually tastes too salty or too spicy. In addition to the fact that Thai dishes will make your taste buds happy, it is fairly cheap. Thai food consists of lots of rice, a little bit of meat and some veggies. The overall meal is not expensive to cook.

Tips you cannot afford to miss

The fact is that there are many tips you can use to save money and time, while still have a top notch meal. First of all, you have the possibility of cutting corners on the rice that you use, but do not do the same thing when it comes to purchasing meat. Even if you take the meat out of the recipe, you cannot call it vegetarian. However, if you want to prepare a delicious meal without having to use meat, use sesame oil instead. A few drops mixed into your cooking oil will definitely give your dish a unique flavour. You should also consider making your own recipe. This means that you can change the vegetables around and use crab instead of chicken.