10 October

Shopping for a VISA insurance – Tips & Tricks


For many, travelling is their second nature. But the entire process involves plenty of planning and an analytic mind. In the rush of events, you may sometimes lose from sight important aspects, and this is not recommended. There have been cases when travellers were denied to enter a country because they lacked a visa and a visa insurance policy. Also, for certain categories of individuals, insurance companies developed special visa insurance policies, like the super visa insurance pack. This one is perfect for parents and grandparents that need a visa insurance policy for visiting their children in a foreign country, member of the Schengen space. But more information about these types of policies, you will find in the following paragraphs.

Why do you need a visa insurance policy when travelling?

In all cases, when travelling the authorities in force will ask for the proof of having an insurance policy. These insurance products are necessary in order to treat affections that may appear during your stay in the given foreign country or to cover repatriation expenses due to illness if they arise. Also, urgent medical care expenses will be covered by these policies. The minimum amount required for these type of policies if 30,000 dollars, but experts’ advice is that the perfect amount of these products should offer a 45,000 dollars coverage. These policies are required when travelling to countries members of the Schengen area. The policy should be valid for the entire stay in the country, or during the transit interval, as the European Parliament claims.

How to choose the right visa insurance policy vendor?

When choosing an insurance company, you have to follow some generalities, regardless of the needed policy. Insurance carriers like Maxxlife Financial Inc that have great ratings, should come at the top of your list. However, below we have a list of variables you should take into account when choosing an insurance company.

  • The quality rating of the company compared to other competitors;
  • The responsiveness of the employees when asking for a quote;
  • Financial strength and assets;
  • Do they offer professional packages for the type of policy in which you are interested? ;
  • Is the company capable to provide the insurance amount that you need? ;
  • The deductibles involved;
  • Does the company offer discounts for multiple policies in the same family? ;
  • The physical location of the company and its proximity to you.

Depending on these coordinates, you can assess which one of the insurance carriers fits your necessities better. Keep in mind that in terms of visa insurance policies, some vendors offer far more advantageous policies than others do. Search for those and see if you find a company that offers special packages for elders, let’s say.

These are some tips and tricks that you can use in the process of selecting the perfect visa insurance package and the most advantageous vendor. Research your options; ask for quotes, and compare. You will certainly find an amazing policy that fits your particular case.