1 December

Snowblower Shopping Guide

Once you grow up, the coming of snow is no longer a reason of joy, since you have to skip the playing part and go to the snow cleaning part that can be tiresome and annoying. Luckily, with the help of the snow blower you will be able to reduce the amount of time and effort you put into snow removal and you can even enjoy a round of snow fight. When you decide to purchase a snow blower, here is what you should take into account to make sure you buy a good unit.

Consider the area you want to clear of snow

Depending on the size of your yard, driveway or parking lot, there are several types of snow blowers that will give yield in larger or narrower spaces. The electric snow blower is perfect for yards, porches, and walkways and can handle layers of snow under 6 inches on smooth and paved surfaces. The fact that they are easy to maneuver makes them very economical and reliable and they require little maintenance and will produce fewer pollutants since there are no gas emissions. Given that you will have to plug in the electric snow blower makes them perfect for areas around the house, as the extension cord should not exceed 100″. On the other hand, the gas-powered snow blowers are heavier and bulkier machines that will provide enough power to clear thick layers of snow and even ice. They are available as single-stage units that include an auger that breaks the snow and throws it aside and as two-stage units that feature an auger that lifts and blows the snow at a higher distance to allow you to clean wider paths with increased power. The main disadvantage is that the gas snow blowers require regular maintenance and use fuel which makes them a more expensive option, but the fact they can clear large surfaces makes them reliable helps during the winter.

Look for additional convenience features

After having decided on a type of snow blower, it is time to read some reviews and compare various features. For the best reviews, visit snowblowers.reviews. When reading the reviews, look for convenience features that can ease your work. The Speed control is a feature that will increase the maneuverability of the device due to the increased speed control in both forward and reverse mode. The electric start available in gas snow blowers replaces the pull cords and allows you to start the machine whenever you need it, with the touch of a button and no effort. The drift cutters, which are narrow steel blades placed on the sides of the auger, allow you to cut through icy snow drifts easier and to clear them faster and more efficiently. Given that in winter temperatures can be extremely cold, the warmed handles are an excellent aspect of comfort that will keep your fingers warm while you drive the snow blower through wind and snow.