26 April

Some ideas for those who want to cook something quick, tasty and healthy

You probably know better than anyone those days when your lack of inspiration does not allow you to find anything to cook. But, fortunately, nowadays, there are solutions. Here is a small list of things that may help you. The recipes take less than a half of hour to be cooked and we guarantee that your whole family is going to love them. But this is not all. They are also healthy alternatives for kids.

Fish pie

Everybody loves pie and fish. But what about having both, at the same time? Does not it sound delicious? Have you heard about fish pie before? There are many ways of cooking it, but the easiest one is the Jamie Oliver’s recipe. Here are the main ingredients that the famous chef uses. First of all, you need 500 g skinless cod, haddock or pollock fillets. Also, put on your shopping cart 4 eggs, some green herbs (dill, chives and parsley), plain flour, some olive oil and, of course, pepper.


Extra tip: Where can you find the best fish? The answer is quite simple: order it online. You get free delivery, if you choose to buy a larger quantity. In fact, this is the best thing that you can do. Buy frozen fish online and enjoy it with your dearest ones.

Garlic chicken

This recipe is both easy to cook and tasty. All you have to do is to sprinkle the chicken breasts with garlic powder and some onion powder. In order to make it even tastier, you can add three tablespoons of butter and some salt. Saute about 15 minutes on each side and then enjoy your meal!


Extra tip: Use some aluminium foil for keeping the food moist. It is also a good trick for those who want to clean-up easier.

Mexican chicken for those who are running out of time

Have you friends just announced their unexpected visit and you do not know how to be a good host? Well, it is simple: the Mexican chicken recipe never fails. You need 4 skinless chicken breasts, one clove of garlic, one pinch of salt, some black pepper, one cup of salsa sauce and some Cheddar cheese. Cut the chicken into small pieces and add the garlic, pepper and salt. Cook until it becomes brown on it both sides. At the end, add the special salsa sauce. Usually it takes you around 10 minutes to cook this healthy meal.


Extra tip: Preheat your oven to 190 degrees C in order to cook the chicken quicker.