31 May

Some misconceptions about wearing underwear



There are a lot of men who say that they hate going shopping, especially when it comes to buying underwear. But, believe it or not, the items that you buy are more important than you imagine for your health and comfort. There is also true that finding the right products can be somehow difficult, due to the fact that there are some misconceptions about them. Here are the most common of them.

You have to change your underwear once a day

When it comes to wearing underwear, there are no written rules! But, the doctors say that it is more hygienic to change it once a day. Even if you do not go anywhere, you will feel more comfortable if you choose to follow this small piece advice. Also, there are men who say that they change their underwear more than once a day, especially during the hot season, when they sweat a lot. You can follow their example and you will not go wrong.

You should not mind – all types of underwear are the same!

This is one of the biggest mistakes. When you go shopping for your underwear, you should pay attention to quality. Choose those items which are made of linen or cotton because they will help you feel more comfortable. On the other hand, it is also true that the price influences the quality. That underwear which is made of good quality materials is usually more expensive. But, there is also true that there are some brands which ask to pay too much for their products. Moreover, when you go to the gym, the most indicated types of underwear are those which are made of synthetic blends because they can prevent chaffing.

You should not sleep in your underwear

This is one of the most common misconceptions. But do not worry! It is not related only to men’s underwear, but also to women’s. However, our duty is to help you make things clear. First all, you are not wrong if you choose to sleep with your underwear on. What is more, there are even doctors who say that it is more hygienic to go for this option, especially because the bed linens are not properly washed all the time.

You should match the underwear with the rest of your outfit

There is no fashion designer who says that. But if you prefer matching your underwear you’re your outfit, it is your decision. Also, be careful! There are people who say that they let the others see what type of underwear they wear. But this is not a good option. This trend is out of fashion and it proves nothing but bad taste.

You should iron your underwear before wearing it

This is also a misconception. You can wear the underwear, even if you do not iron it. Nowadays, people are always in a hurry. Thus, they do not have time to waste! Forget about this misconception and bear in mind only those rules which are related to washing these clothes.