21 July

Start your handmade jewellery business

Even if sophisticated, statement jewellery seems to have invaded the boutiques; more and more people prefer buying handmade accessories. These are items created by extremely talented and creative people, whose passion is to use the most unusual objects to make original adornments. If you are one of these people, then you should consider starting a handmade jewellery business. Handcrafting things do not require a lot of investments, all you have to do is purchase the raw materials and some special manually operated tools, and you can start working. Even if there are so many techniques and things you should know, you will probably learn everything by doing once you launch your products on the market. You can even participate in local fairs, in order to meet other artisans and try to learn everything you can from their experience.

The origins of handmade jewellery

If you are about to start your dedicated business, then you should know how it all began. This type of accessories has been first seen in Africa. The locals used to make different adornments from raw materials such as animal parts (claws, teeth, bones or even fur) or shells. They carved and perforated these, in order to obtain additional items for their attire. Some of these accessories were actually very relevant, not only in terms of value, but also as far as the social status and religion was concerned. It seems that they were considered representative marks people used to make the distinction between tribes. Eventually, the activity of handcrafting jewellery has become a commercial one, and wearing them is an actual fashion statement.


How can you get the raw material you need?

Of course, you probably started using the things you had around the house, such as thread or beads, but if you planning to go pro, then you will need more than these. There are many common materials used for handmade jewellery, such as gemstones, mother of pearl, metal, glass, plastic or ribbons. Fortunately, these can be found in dedicated stores called haberdashery, and even in online stores. All you have to do is making a small research on the internet, and you will be surprised of the amount of offers and the affordable prices you will have to pay for wholesale ribbon, for instance.


Where can you sell your products?

Since you are just starting, you will probably not have an actual store, so you should start promoting your products online. This will not only help you get some clients, but also let people know about your business. You can also participate in a series of local events, where you will meet fellow handcrafters and get a small stand in a public place (a mall, for instance), until you are able to open your own brick and mortar shop.