4 November

Starting your business abroad

What is truly fascinating about the modern world is the fact that you can run your business without over stressing about it, as long as you are well aware of certain facts. The even better thing is that all the pieces of information you might be in need of are easily located on the online world. All you have to do is conduct a bit of search and you are all set to start your business abroad. You might be wondering what makes you or any other entrepreneur start a business in an entirely different country instead of simply staying within the borders of your country. The reality is that with the world expanding more as you speak, the real question is why not. Why shouldn’t you look ahead, beyond your borders and really investigate the markets that are only developing or those that have grown in a significant manner? The only thing that could be holding you back is the unknown, those details that might be difficult to predict. For instance, if you were thinking about France, then knowing things like the French VAT rates or the paperwork and documentation associated to entering the world of business.  However, before getting ahead of yourself, here are three reasons definitely worth knowing by all entrepreneurs that wish to join the French business world.

You have millions of possibilities

The great thing about France is that it is among the biggest country in the European Union. As you can imagine, this means that you have access to a large public. There are 66 millions people that could be purchasing your services or enjoying your services. Of course, one must not forget about competition, but even of you manage to convince 1 million out of all 66, you could still be doing great. Plus, being the European Union, France welcomes all sorts of nationalities to come live and work here. Your target audience has just increased, because besides the French you have the immigrants, who could be just as interested in your offer, if not more.

The French are highly cosmopolite

Maybe one of the greatest qualities of this country is their love for fine living and everything it stands for. From fashion to cosmetics and interior design, antiquities, art, cuisine, everything is made for the client, who wishes to enjoy life more and more.  Having such a prepared audience, starting a business no longer seems that difficult. In fact, if you are dabbling in a market that is related to the idea of fine living, growing your company will no longer seem that difficult.

The economical frame

You might be interested in knowing that the VAT rates in France are not that high if you compare them with those belonging to other countries. Also, when it comes to setting up the actual company, you should know that you are offered all the assistance in the world. There are dedicated online sources and not only that teach you a great deal about running a business abroad.