2 October

Steps in using a sewing machine

Perhaps you have recently come to the conclusion that there are a lot of clothing items in your closet that you have not worn for some time now, due to some small defect they have, such as a little hole, or torn sleeve. The best solution for your problem would be buying a sewing machine, this way you can fix your clothes yourself, and the effort is not that big. If you do not know what type of sewing machine to purchase, you can simply look up online for 2015 sewing machines reviews, and make yourself an idea in what is best to purchase. A sewing machine can simplify your life, and perhaps even wake up a designer spirit in you. Being a beginner in use of a sewing machine, there a few steps you should follow when learning to handle a basic sewing machine.


Sewing machine components

Before actually starting sewing, you need to have some basic knowledge of what the parts of a sewing machine are. The most important element, is of course the power switch. You need to locate it, as a first step, its placement depends on what type of machine you have purchased. The usual location is on the right of the machine. The next important parts to find and inspect are the thread guide and the spool pin. They are the parts where the spool of thread is placed and directed towards the bobbin winder. Check out the buttons located on the sewing machine, they are the ones that determine the sort of stich you want to use. For a more précised explanation for the type of machine you have purchased, check out the user’s manual. There you will find every important detail about your machine, and the clear information about its functions. You should also read in the manual how you should set up the sewing machine. It is best to keep in mind to set the machine on a firm, bulky surface.


When the actual sewing starts


After carefully plugging in your machine, and placing on a proper table you need to attach the foot controller to the machine, which you should put on the floor. Following the proper instructions from your manual, attentively place the spool of thread, as instructed and place bobbin.  Select the stitch length and type, as you please; you should start at first with a basic straight stitch, until a proper learning of use. You can start out practicing on some material, or clothing item that you do not need anymore. It would not be indicated to sew something valuable from the start, you need to practice first. Set the material you have chosen under the needle, in two layers, and while pressing the foot controller and move the fabric easily under the presser foot. Practice until you feel you are ready to really start sewing. It will take some time for you to manage a good control over the speed, foot control and the actual fabric steering. Do not forget, practice makes perfect.