29 April

Student halls vs private student accommodation


When it comes to student accommodation, student halls are often the go-to option and many people don’t even think past them. However, they have their weak points and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t limit yourself to shared dorms in a block of student flats. In fact, private student accommodation is emerging is a much-awaited alternative, which, though slightly more expensive, is worth the investment. This option is available in just about every major academic centre on the UK map, so, for example, if you are on the hunt for superior student accommodation Manchester you will have many properties to choose from. There are even websites dedicated to this form of accommodation, so you can book and pay online as well. If you’re not sure whether this solution is good for you or not, then here is what you need to know.

Price difference


One thing that you should be aware of in advance is that private student accommodation comes with a higher price tag, which means that you will need some savings before going away for college. Moreover, there will be rent variations depending on the town where you will be studying and the neighbourhood. Not all rooms are the same, so you could pay more or less on accommodation depending on what amenities you want. The contract length is usually 48 weeks and you can either pay everything upfront or in monthly instalments.


What do you get for the price?


After seeing how much private student accommodation costs in a villa in Manchester, you might feel tempted to go for the cheaper option, but you really get what you pay for the amenities make all the difference. Life in a student hall can be austere at times and you might find yourself missing the comfort of your parents’ house, but private accommodation is different. Rooms are fully furnished with new furniture, and in addition to cable TV and high speed Internet, you also get great perks such as an in-house bar, laundry facilities, a game room, kitchen, private bathroom and a garden where you can hang out with friends and have a barbecue. Everything is more stylish, more modern and you will definitely be living in comfort. Security is better as well, because private properties have 24-hour CCTV.


What about the atmosphere?


Another benefit of renting private student accommodation is that the atmosphere is more comfortable. There are other students around, so you can have fun, but things will not be as chaotic. If you are the kind of student who prefers a bit of peace and quiet, then you’ll definitely feel better in a nice villa than in a dorm room. You can live with a roommate if you want, but there is also the option of renting a room alone, which is an excellent option for older students or people who work through college and are looking for a calmer lifestyle.