17 March

Style tips for the mother of the bride

Weddings are important events not only for the two people who get married, but also for their families. As a bride, you cannot even imagine how huge this ceremony is for your parents, particularly for your mother. Taking into consideration that it is her daughter’s wedding, she will also be in the spot light, so she needs to look amazing. The same goes for the grandmother, who is probably way more emotional and proud than anyone else! For this reason, you will have to invest some time and efforts in helping them choose the perfect attires. There is not special etiquette, but you still need to respect some simple social and fashion standards. Plan a shopping sessions and take your girls to the best stores in the city, but only after reading this useful article on style tips for your dear ones.

Is there a dressing protocol?

Generally, there is no special rule or fixed protocol for the attire of the mother and grandmother of the bride. Of course, their dresses would have to match the theme of the wedding, in case there is one and also somehow match each other, in terms of colors and style. This is quite important because it will contribute to the overall atmosphere and chromatic of the event. In addition to this, it seems that the bride’s mother has a certain priority as compared to the mother of the groom. She is the one who decides upon the attire first, thus dictating what the mother of the groom can wear. Although this approach has become obsolete in the past years, there still has to be coordination between the two. However, there is no competition so probably the only thing you need to worry about is them not ending up wearing the same color.


How does communication take place?

Taking into consideration that there should be coordination between the groom’s and the bride’s mother, you need to make them talk to each other about their outfits. Needless to say there does not have to be an official meeting or conversation related to this topic, so again you should be flexible. Try to find out what each one is planning to wear in terms of colors, patterns and fabrics and everything should be just fine. Furthermore, choosing dresses for the grandmother of the bride does not fit in any pattern either. Just be informed to avoid an embarrassing situation of having two people wearing similar dresses.


Are there any color restrictions?

There are no special rules when it comes to the hues chosen by guests, including the mothers and grandmothers. However, women who attend weddings should avoid wearing light shades such as white, ivory or champagne, since these are strictly reserved for the bride. There are also certain superstitions related to red and black (often associated with mourning), but it is well known that these colors are extremely elegant and classic. A lot of mothers go for one of these hues, since they reduce failure risks, so there is no reason your mother should not do the same.