16 December

The Benefits of Using a Humidifier in Your Home

A humidifier is a very useful device which can make your life a lot easier. Nevertheless, before we start discussing the benefits of using such a device, it is important to determine if you really need one. This is very easy to determine. The average humidity in a home should be between 50% and 55%. Use a hygrometer in order to determine the humidity level in your home. Of course, the humidity value can vary across the year, depending on the particularities of your home as well as on your local weather. Some people deal with dry summers whereas others deal with dry winters. Nevertheless, if you frequently find yourself suffering from dry skin, chapped lips or sore throat, you may need a humidifier. If you are still not convinced, check out the main advantages of owning a humidifier:

Improved health

As we already suggested, dry skin, chapped lips and a sore throat can be symptoms of a low indoor humidity. A humidifier can solve these problems. Depending on the gravity of your problem, buy a humidifier with the right capacity and place it in the room where you spend most of your time. Some humidifiers also come with special compartments, used for liquid medication. There are various evaporation medications that can provide relief for nasal congestion and breathing problems. A humidifier can keep the nasal passages lubricated, a fact which can prevent nose bleeds and can also help your body overcome certain illnesses faster, such as colds or allergies. Moreover, it can relieve sinusitis.

Less snoring

While snoring is a breathing problem, it cannot be healed just with the use of a humidifier. Nevertheless, an adequate humidity level can relieve the intensity of the snoring sound.

Flourishing house plants

Most plants thrive in humidity, which is why your house plants may look gloomy in the wintertime when the air is drier. If the soil of your plants is always dry, despite the fact that you water the plants as usual, and if the leaves look sick, then your plants are obviously suffering on account of a low indoor humidity.

Reduced heating costs

The actual temperature of an environment and the temperature perceived by our bodies are two different things. With higher humidity levels, our bodies perceive the environment a lot warmer than it actually is. By this reasoning, if you increase the humidity levels in your home, the air will feel warmer, a fact which will encourage you to turn down your central heating system. By the same reasoning, if you use a dehumidifier in the summer, you can reduce the AC costs.