18 March

The Benefits of Using an Infrared Heater

The infrared heating technology is rather new on the market, and a lot of people are still skeptical about it. Nevertheless, in many situations, infrared heaters can prove to be very efficient. In what follows, we will discuss their main advantages.

They provide instant heat

Unlike other space heaters, infrared heaters produce instant heat. As such, they waste no energy in the warming up process. If you are tired of coming home to a freezing temperature and having to wait a long time until your home gets warm, then you will find great comfort in an infrared heater.

They are efficient in heating up drafty rooms

The infrared technology works in a very interesting manner. Instead of trying to heat the atmosphere, like most conventional heaters do, infrared heaters only heat the objects and people in their range. This is similar to the way that the sun heats the earth. While the overall air doesn’t get much warmer, if you are in the infrared heater’s range, your body perceives the heat instantly. As such, the efficiency of these heaters is in no way affected by drafts.

They are very safe

The core temperature of conventional space heaters usually gets very high, which can be a major safety concern. However, the same cannot be said for infrared heaters, which never get that hot. Moreover, the infrared models usually feature protective sheaths over the heating elements. The best ones also feature quality exterior cabinets that stay cool to the touch and they come with innovative safety features such as automatic shut down in case of tip overs.

They can help you save money

If you don’t use all the areas of your home, it is pointless and wasteful to heat the whole house. Infrared heaters are portable (most of them come with caster wheels) so they can be used in order to heat only those areas of your home that you frequently use.

They don’t dry the air

As you might have noticed by now, most heaters tend to dry out the air. Dry air can be very uncomfortable and it can cause dry skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds and breathing problems. This problem does not occur with infrared heaters which do not interfere with the humidity level of the surrounding atmosphere.

No dangerous emissions

Most infrared heaters are electric. Due to the fact that they don’t use liquid fuel, they don’t release any toxic emissions, so they can safely be used indoors.

Outdoor use

Since they only heat the objects and people found within their range, infrared heaters can even be used outdoors. They are great for patios, where they can provide a comfortable heat, even in the wintertime. Nevertheless, if you plan on leaving the heater unsupervised outdoors, you should invest in a special patio heater, designed to withstand even harsh weather conditions.