30 June

The DIY of boiler repair

At present, more and more people have replaced their traditional heating system with the implementation of a water heater. Not only does is a boiler able to entirely replace the main heating system, but is also represents an alternative source of power, which ultimately leads to the minimization of the number of bills paid. However, if the boiler is not properly maintained, there can appear different problems which necessitate emergency boiler repair London. While waiting for the arrival of the team of professionals, there are some operations that anyone can do to prevent further complications.

Verifying the temperature of the boiler

So as to be able to function and consequently heat the water in the tank, the thermostat of the water heater has to be asset at a higher temperature than the temperature in the room. In order to prevent any troubleshooting it is necessary to check the gauge once in a while. While the pressure reading is usually above zero, there are cases when there can be air in the system and the owner hast to manually eliminate the air. In addition to this, most thermostats lose their precision after a period of time and the temperature shown might not be the real one. What the owner can do is to purchase some modern air eliminators. Moreover, if the temperature still remains at a low level, then it is advisable to shut off the breaker in order to stimulate the damper to function.

Temporary fixes to boiler leaks

The leak of a water heater is the sign of a serious issue and professional help should be demanded. While in many cases the leak can be caused by a simple problem with the high temperature, in other cases a leak can short circuit the water heater, as well as doing significant damage to the home. Before the arrival of a technician the owner who remarks the presence of water leaks should place a bucket or something of the sort so as not to get the entire carpet wet. Next, the first step is to turn off the water supply and finding the problematic pressure valve. The valve can be mended by applying a clamp or even duct tape, which will stop the water dripping just until the arrival of the professionals. In addition to this, a leak can even be caused by corroded pipes that allow the water to escape. Find more solutions listed on here

The pilot light

The light is usually installed on the door of the boiler. If it does not turn on, that signifies that the vent pipe is blocked, which can be caused by the fact that the assembly being improper. Other causes for the malfunctioning of the pilot light are represented by improper sensors or there is a problem with the gas supply. If the cleaning of the pilot sensor still does not remediate the problem, then it’s time to call in a specialist.

In conclusion, no matter what problem the owner might encounter with the functioning of the water heater, it is of paramount important to seek the help of professionals due to the fact that all the operations represent only a quick and temporary fix. In order to maintain the boiler functioning for a long time, it is wise not to ignore or try to solve the problem yourself.