12 May

The perks of working in France

Sometimes, those who end up finding a job in France and moving there, claim that it is too good to be true. Fortunately, it is in fact, true. Although the benefits are plenty, they truly exist and this is why many choose to establish their permanent homes and jobs in this amazing economic and political context. But what we call “perks”, the French simply call benefits of the job. If you are interested in postuler en ligne Seine Saint Denis, you must know that there are several web sites offering plenty of tools that will make the entire process certainly more pleasurable and easy. However, if you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of working in France, continue reading below.

All employees are offered restaurant vouchers

Of course, this happens if the facility where the employee is working does not have a cafeteria where the lunch is assured for everybody. If this happens, the employee will receive “tickets restos” or lunch tickets. These tickets cover 50% of the worker’s lunch fees, and in the near future, the authorities plan to get rid of the physical tickets, and upload them on the worker’s smartphones.

Paid off days for weddings or funerals

If you will be working in France, your French employer has to give you off days with special occasions, whether they are happy or sad. You will receive four days off for your wedding, and if a close family member (child or spouse) dies, you will receive two days off. The birth of a child brings all employees eleven days off, and when they get married, they will also receive a day off, for celebrating. As you can see, the French Government is quite a generous one in terms of off days.

Starting with 2016, all employers must offer a “mutuelle”

A “mutuelle” is a health insurance covered by the employer, and until 2016, it was not mandatory for companies to offer such coverage. But luckily, those who plan to leave their country for working in France, will have the costs of their medical insurances covered by the employer.

Subsidized access to public transportation

All employers are obligated to cover 50% off their employees’ monthly expenses with public transportation. This, of course, only if you travel to and from work by a public transportation mean. In some companies, these expenses are usually included in the monthly wages, but in some cases, the employee has to apply for this money separately.

Guaranteed maternity or paternity leave

All French employers have to give 16 weeks off, paid, of course, when one of their female employees gives birth. Usually the leave is divided between six weeks prior to the delivery, and ten afterwards. Of course, this rule applies only if the woman is registered in the social security system. In the fathers’ case, they are entitled to 11 days off when their children are born, and if the family has twins, the number reaches up to seventeen days off, paid.