13 August

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Lawn Mowers

A lawnmower is a powerful machine, designed to give us a hand when trimming the lawn or garden. It’s estimated that you will spend more than fifty hours a year in command of your lawn mower. It is therefore useful to get informed about the existing types of lawn mowers so you can make your decision. If you are trying to learn about the pros and cons of different types of lawn mowers, read more about it in this article.

Reel mowers

If you live in a small residence, a push mower is a great choice. It is not necessarily advisable to use it if you plan trimming a large portion of grass because the helical blades are ineffective against the high grass. The reel mower has a simple and light design and its more affordable than other types of lawn mowers ( it weights from 20 to 25 pounds and it costs $80 or more). Besides being very easy to maintain, it is also extremely quiet.

Electric lawn mowers

Electric mowers are best suited to medium to large surfaces. They are almost as effective as thermal lawnmowers but much quieter. They start instantly and are more reliable mechanically; less expensive to buy (there are good models from 200 €), they consume little power (ten times less than a thermal lawn mower). The one downside to using this type of lawnmower are the strings attached, it’s really troublesome in the wooded terrain or obstacles.

Gas-powered lawn mowers

Even though these types of lawn mowers are not environmentally friendly, they are the most powerful and most effective.  Gas-powered lawnmowers are used to mow a very large area of field. It’s advisable to opt for a riding mower if you want to feel more comfortable during the mowing process.

Propelled or not?

Most gas-powered mowers are propelled. The function is also sometimes featured on electric lawnmower. It is very useful on sloping terrain. On flat ground, the propelled mode doesn’t do as much, unless your lawn mower is exceptionally heavy. In general, electric mowers are lighter than the gas-powered ones, but be careful, their weight can vary from 15-50 pounds.  A self propelled lawnmower is more comfortable to use than the one we push ourselves.

Battery-powered lawnmowers

Their autonomy is limited, but they can be as efficient as electric mowers. They do not necessarily cost a lot more than electric mowers. However, you must pay attention to the price of the batteries. The batteries must be changed after a certain number of cycles (a few hundreds, depending on the manufacturer), and may even cost half the price of the mower.

Once you decide on a certain type of lawn mower suitable for your needs, we advise you to read some reviews, since every type of snow blower can be found at different brands, with different features and obviously with different prices. In order to compare several seemingly similar lawn mowers, it is imperative to read some reviews. For the best reviews, go to the bestlawnmowers.reviews website. There, you will find comprehensive and easy to understand lawn mower reviews.