23 October

The secret tool of mold inspectors

Mold is a serious matter and it should certainly not be treated superficially. Apart from the unattractive aspect it may give your house, there are several health dangers you need to be aware of. Many people tend to treat mold simply as a reason to renovate the house, to enhance its appearance and nothing more, but the truth is that the effects this phenomenon might have upon your health are not to be undermined. When exposing your family to mold over a longer period of time, you might have the misfortune of developing serious respiratory problems. What is even more dangerous about this problem is that it can sometimes go undetected. Going through with a mold inspection once a year is a wise decision that could keep your family safe and your house looking great. These being said, here are a few details about the so-called secret tool of a trustworthy, reliable inspection performed by dedicated companies in the field.


The mold dog

When collaborating with a specialized company, most clients expect to open the door to a team of experts, equipped with the latest equipment on the market. To much of their surprise, in most cases, if the company is professional, the team of experts will come together with a dog. Indeed, this is their secret weapon. Of course, apart from the trusted canine colleague, dedicated companies are also equipped with high tech devices to ensure clients with top of the line services. You must not be discouraged, because it is the best possible service you could have access to. The following details will explain exactly why this is.


Why say yes to mold dogs?


Mold dogs are not the latest invention, far from it. For some time now, specialists have started using dogs as their magnifying glasses when trying to detect mold. Of course that the most important reason for which dogs are preferred in sections of this kind is because of their high sense of smell. By using them, specialists will be able to detect mold in some parts of the home or office you never expected to find the phenomenon. This is what makes them highly prized tools. It is true that air-testing tools, for instance are just as efficient, but it seems that dogs have gained an even greater popularity, being used by various dedicated companies.


What dogs are suitable for the job?


It is not so much a question of breeds, but one related to temperament. All the dogs that are later on used as mold inspectors have to be adequately trained before hand. This is really why temperament matters. The dogs have to be trained easily. For instance, a common breed chosen by experts part of this field are Golden Retrievers, which are known to be simple to train and educate. Beagles are also a popular choice.


It is very important to stay as far from mold as you possible can. If this means contacting a team of dedicated specialists to do an inspection one a year, then don’t hesitate.