4 May

Things a reliable psychic will never tell you

How many times have you heard someone telling that they have found a psychic online, or they visited one? But how many times had the psychic told them something they considered at least suspicious? There are multiple cases when people visited psychics and they were told that they are cursed, and the only way to avoid the effects is to offer a great sum of money. This should be a red flag for you, if you intend to see a person involved in the metaphysical world. This article lists the things you should never hear when seeing or talking to a psychic, if they are a reliable professional.

You are cursed or possessed!

It is something awful to hear, especially if you go by your own to a psychic. If you talk with a reliable person, then they will not make this type of affirmations, because they are aware that they cannot check this aspect when they talk with you on a chat for example. A psychic is there to tell you that they can offer you guidance if you do not know what to expect from the future. But they will not ask you money to help you get free of the demon that possess you. There are stories about readers who tell the persons who ask their guidance that they are cursed or possessed, and they are the only ones who can help them, but only if they pay a certain sum of money. Also, they are warned to not tell other people this, because they will make the demon angry. This is the first sign that you are talking with a trickster and you should not trust them and their skills to help you.

Your partner wants you dead or cheats you

If you join a free psychic chat the specialist in metaphysical world can tell you what to expect from your relationship, and how to improve certain aspects from your love life. But they are not able to find out if your partner steals money from you, cheats you or plans to kill you. A great reader can tell you that there are warnings you should be aware of, but they are not so specific. They will point you out if there is someone in your life you should not trust, and that you are in danger, but the type of danger, and the person who is trying to harm you are not aspects revealed during a reading.

You suffer from a terminal disease

There are so many stories of people who have been told by psychics that they suffer from a terminal health condition, and the only way to cure is to offer them money. A reliable reader will probably inform you that someone in your family may have medical problems and to recommend you have check-ups. No professional will tell you online that you are about to die in a week. If the psychic warns you that you or someone close to you may face medical issues then you should visit a doctor.