27 January

Things to consider when choosing a physiotherapist

Every profession has highly trained and motivated professionals, but also others that are not at all knowledgeable. When it comes to our health, you should choose the most professional physiotherapist if you want to recover from injury faster and prevent the recurrence of your issue. After all, health is like a partnership between you and the physio Gold Coast specialist, meaning that you both have to collaborate to achieve the highest potential. When looking for someone that can help you with your pain and discomfort, you should take into consideration the following aspects before making your choice.

Knowing where to start your search

Looking for a physiotherapist is not exactly a simple task. One place where you can start your search is with your doctor. Your current medical practitioner is able to recommend you someone that you can trust and that obviously has years of experience. Nonetheless, you can go to a sports medicine clinic as well. A sports medicine doctor often works with professional athletes and college sports teams, reason why he is so skilled at diagnosing and treating injuries related to physical activity. At present, most clinics operate from sports centres and not necessarily in traditional hospital settings.


Your therapist should have completed a degree and of course be registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. It is necessary to verify the accreditation of the person you are working with to make sure that he meets the standards of health practice. Education provides the therapist with important knowledge and of course skills. Moreover, some practitioners continue their education so as to improve their abilities. The more credentials the professional working at the clinic has, the more you can rest assured that your recovery will be a complete one.

Comprehensive assessment

Ideally, the physical therapist should take the time necessary to conduct a comprehensive assessment. This means that he should fully understand your complaints and determine which movements cause distress. Therefore, 5 or 10 minutes are not enough for a comprehensive evaluation. On the contrary, you should spend at least 30 minutes with the medical practitioner. This is how much it actually takes to determine methods of treatment.

Location, location, location

An important aspect to consider when looking for a therapist is the location of the clinic. The facility should be as close to our home as possible. What you should look for is a clinic that has private rooms. Besides the fact that the rooms are cleaner, the equipment is more performing. You should not hesitate to take a tour of the facility before making your final decision. Most clinics will allow you to tour the facility.