13 June

Things to know if you get sick in France

Moving to a foreign country is exciting but it is not easy and it could take you a while to settle, and to get used to a new system, new people and a new language. Many people decided to take an important step in their lives and move to France. Unfortunately getting ill happens when we least expect. If you just moved to France, whether you are alone or with your family, it is important to know what to do in case of an incident like that.

French care system for foreigners

The French care system is actually very appreciated and highly accessible to foreigners. The healthcare system is partially based on social security contributions, which means a percent of people’s salary is going there. The Government also funds the healthcare system, and the patients have to pay a contribution to their healthcare charges. Law forces all citizens to have a form of health insurance. In order to get it you need to search for carte vitale Seine Saint Denis. To be eligible, you must have a job, or stay more than three months, spending more than 183 days a year in this country.

Visiting a doctor

You can choose any doctor you want. When you go for a check, if you do not have a health insurance card you must make a payment before the consultation. Family doctors constitute a big branch of the healthcare system in France. Most of them are self-employed and you can select any doctor you prefer. It is necessary to register with him as being your primary doctor to demand refund through the French healthcare system. If you need to visit a specialist, you should know that the rates you have to pay are higher. If you are not familiar enough with French language, you can ask to see one of the specialists who speak English.

Hospitals in France

There are two types of hospitals in France: privately run and state run. You have to consider that not all hospitals in France have emergency facilities. An uncommon thing is that you do not need a former recommendation from a French doctor in order to see a specialist. The French health authority covers the charge of the emergency treatment but you need to pay upfront for extra outstanding balances. If you need emergency healthcare in a French hospital, without having health insurance, you can benefit from medical service but it is necessary to pay for it.

Going to the dentist

As with doctors, you can choose any dentist you prefer and you do not have to go to the same one every time, unless you want it. You normally pay upfront, and then the cost or part of it is reimbursed later but some procedures are not covered by the system. Charges are different depending on the treatment. From the age of six until the age of 18 children are entitled to a free check every three years. . In the case of children, most of the procedures are free of charge although some of them, for example braces, are not covered.