18 August

Three furniture items you need in your bed room

Decorating a house is not the easiest thing to do. You need to think about comfort, style and also functionality, and you have to find a way of combining all these. The decorations and pieces of furniture you purchase have to match your personality and life style, and while the choice may seem facile at first, it will definitely become a real hassle. A lot of people tend to focus on spaces such as the living room, neglecting the importance of a beautiful and comfortable bed room. This spot is your personal oasis, the place where you get to rest and relax after a tiring day of work, which means it has to offer you all the cosiness you need. From the design, colours and objects you choose, these should be in perfect harmony with a wellbeing state. Pick resistant and qualitative pieces of furniture but make sure you do not clutter the space with too many items. Here are our top three choices in terms of furniture that you must buy right away:

A TV stand

If you want to have the ultimate relaxing space, then you need to invest in a qualitative home cinema system. This, of course, requires strong TV units. So what you should do is start searching for a beautiful, neat and durable stand that will become the home for your TV. Buying the item will not be easy, because there are several criteria to keep in mind: dimensions, design, overall aspect, matching the rest of the furniture and so on. Furthermore, if you need mobility, remember to choose a piece that has wheels instead of legs, so that you can move it easily around the room.

A statement rug

Nothing ruins the aspect of a bed room like a poorly chosen rug. Whether it has the wrong dimension or a rough texture, a bad carpet is definitely a no-no for your space. Few people know, but there are actual rules related to selecting the dimensions and position of the rug, so try to do your homework before investing in one. A cold, hard floor is not an option under any circumstances, so pick an item that brings joy and colour to the room. You can go for intricate patterns, bright hues and ornaments like tassels – these are very stylish at the moment and will help you make a statement in terms of design.

A great bed

The bed is definitely the central element of the room, which is why you have to invest in a great one. Try to pick a comfortable mattress, because this ensures you get quality sleep and wake up ready to start every day fresh and determined. The shape and size of the bed influences the overall aspect of the space, so make sure you also focus on functionality, besides style. For a spacious room, a king size bed is ideal, but if you lack square footage,  focus on a smaller piece.