24 October

Three things you cannot miss out on in Riviera Maya

Does the idea of going on a trip to Riviera Maya intrigue you? Are you thinking of booking a plane ticket for your up coming vacation for this location? If so, then by all means start looking up all the things to see in Riviera Maya to build your itinerary. Surely, if you are a passionate traveler you know exactly how much an adequately made itinerary matters. However, you cannot do this unless you are introduced to a few options with regards to the manner in which you could spend your time here. So, this being said, here are three things you must not miss out on when visiting the amazing Riviera Maya.

Culture: Tulum Xel-Ha

Apart from the amazing azure waters, Riviera Maya is definitely a place where you can get better acquainted with the Mayan culture. The truth is that stories and legends about this people have triggered a general interest in all corners of the world. Everyone wants to find out more about this lost civilization. So, if you are visiting Rivera Maya, a trip to Tulum Xel-Ha is absolutely necessary. This impressive construction used to serve as a major port. This of course would explain its location, upon cliffs, offering a spectacular view to the Caribbean Sea. When signing up for such a tour, if you are fortunate enough to have a guide with you, one that is highly familiar with the area, then you will discover interesting stories about this location. You will be able to envision exactly how this city looked. It will certainly be an amazing, memorable experience.


Entertainment: The breathtaking Cirque du Soleil

If there is one show you should not miss out, then that would have to be a representation of the Cirque du Soleil. What you are about to discover in the show put into practice by this group of acrobats will dazzle you. Colors, music, thrill, stories, amazing costumes, surprising shows, this is Cirque du Soleil. It is absolutely necessary to sign up for such an event. It is true that you can enjoy Cirque du Soleil in other locations, but truthfully speaking, there is really no better location to let yourself dazzled than Riviera Maya.


Nature: Xcaret Park surprises tourists

Riviera Maya is really not just about music, songs and the Mayan people. Even if you were to strip this location of these riches, you would still be left with the beauties of nature. Visit the Xcaret Park and discover underground secret rivers, deer shelters, an entire island with Jaguars, enchanting orchids, a pavilion of bats and beautiful butterflies. A day spent in this park is not enough to understand the beauty of the nature surrounding Riviera Maya.


Riviera Maya has so many things to show tourists. It very much depends on the kind of journey you envision having when coming to this location. It is all very simple. Think of the activities you would like to enjoy, as Riviera Maya will most likely have at least one offer you. All tourists will find the trip of their dreams when arriving in this marvelous location.