17 January

Tips about Buying Honey Bees for Your Small Business


Beekeeping is not only an absorbing hobby, but also a profitable business. If you do not mind the occasional stings, you will find that beekeeping is indeed an enjoyable and moneymaking enterprise. Selling honey will do okay for you, yet you should not expect to make enough money to quit your full-time job (at least not in the beginning). When starting beekeeping, you will no doubt be looking out for honey bees for sale. Ordering bees is the final step when it comes to apiculture and the great news is that you can find many suppliers online. Keep in mind that the insects that you choose are vital to the success of your small business. When establishing a honey-making colony, consider the following tips.

Buy Your Honey Bees Locally

The first question that naturally comes to mind is: ”Where do I get my bees?” What you should know is that local stinging insects are the best. The reason why you should buy from a local beekeeper is that the swarm of insects is already acclimated to your local climate. Plants and insects evolve together and any climate change will affect the population. Purchasing from your own country is also better because this way you minimise the risk of bringing new strains of viruses. The point is that you should buy queens that have been bred locally or within the UK rather than imported ones.   

Get To Know the Differences between a Nucleus and a Package Hive

If you are going to establish a colony, then the likelihood is that you will purchase a nucleus colony (nuc) or a package hive. A package hive is a colony of honey-making insects put together from different hives, so the colony is not acquainted with the queen. The queen is mature and is already laying eggs. Not the same thing happens with the nucleus where the workers are not acquainted with the newly mated queen. You have no comb, eggs, or brood. Although nucs are twice as expensive as a package hive, they are the optimal choice.

Buy More Than One Hive

If you are determined dot take up beekeeping, you have to buy more than one hive. It is advisable to start with two hives. This way, you will be able to oversee and compare their activity. What is more, no matter how much you take care of your swarm, your colony can die before fall and having an extra hive is essential.