29 March

Tips and tricks for a better child-and-dentist relationship

Some people are on the opinion that going to the dentist is only something they should do in case of toothaches or other emergencies, but they could not have been any more wrong than this. It is recommended to do regular visits to the dentist in order to make sure your teeth are strong and healthy. However, in case of children, choosing one of the best family dentists in Ottawa might not be enough. Every parent is familiar with the fear children have for dentists. You might want to read some useful tips and tricks below that might help your children overcome the fear for dentists.

The younger, the better

It is highly recommended to start visiting the dentist from an early age, because the younger the child is, the better it will be for him or her. If they start their visits when they are younger, they will get accustomed to the dentist, the staff and the place a lot easier and sooner. Making the big mistake of not taking children to the dentist the moment they are around four or five years old has a great impact on them, making it harder for them to adapt if they go to the dentist somewhere around the age of twelve or older.

Lies are not an option!

Some parents tend to lie to their children before they go to the dentist, which makes things even worse. The most common thing parents make is to tell their children they will go to the park for instance, and then arrive in front of a dental clinic instead. This only helps in increasing children’s fear for dentists. You should tell your child from the very beginning where you will go. You can tell them that the dentist will only take a quick look into their mouths in order to see whether there are any teeth bugs there or not. This will make children understand the importance of these dentist visits.

Do not let them ask too many questions

In case you do not work in this industry, it is a matter-of-course that you do not have the right knowledge about the work dentists do. When their first visit to a family dental clinic approaches, children tend to become very curious and they tend to ask a series of questions that you might not know the right answers to. Try not to offer them detailed answers, because this might scare them. They can ask the dentist instead, the moment they arrive at the clinic.