1 March

Tips for Choosing the Best Led Grow Lights for Your Indoor Garden

If you are passionate about hydroponic gardening and you are planning to grow an indoor garden, you will certainly need some Led grow lights to help your plants grow properly. The Led grow lights are popular ways of creating the right amount of light indoors so that the plants will enjoy the proper growing environment in every stage of their growth. To make sure you have the best Led grow lights for your indoor garden, here are some tips for selecting them.

Determine the area you need to cover with Led grow lights

When you choose the Led grow light system for your indoor garden, you must first determine the size of the garden and choose a light system that will be efficient for that size. A system too small will not help the plants to grow as they should and a system too big will overwhelm the plants with its light, so you must choose one that is suitable for the area of the garden. You can choose a Led grow light panel that you can hang from the ceiling, or Led straps that you can attach on a wooden board as you want to.

Choose the type of light you need

There are several types of Led grow lights that emit different kinds of light for different stages of the growth process. The blue light, or the cool light, is good for the plants as it encourages bushy growth, while the red light is located at the opposite end of the light spectrum and is great for the blooming stage because it releases a hormone response that creates blooms. The reddish or orange light created by some Led grow lights usually produce heat, but some lights can also create a full spectrum of light without emitting any heat.

Combine the spectrum of light

The incandescent lights should be placed at least 24” from the plant in order to produce beneficial light because these lights tend to get very hot and should be handled with care. These types of lights are easy to install given that they come with a clip handle that allows you to place them where you need to, they usually last less than 1000 hours and are good for a specific plant or a small grouping of plants. The fluorescent grow lights are the most popular choice because they are energy efficient, easy to install, long-lasting up to 20.000 hours and produce blue light that is cool to touch and allows you to place them a few inches from the plants.

Don’t let the small price fool you

Although it may sound tempting to buy a Led grow lights system that costs less than others, you will shortly see that it will be less effective and it will require more electricity, thus the overall costs will be higher. A more expensive Led grow light system will turn out to be more energy efficient and it will give a better yield in boosting the growth of your indoor garden. Nevertheless, this doesn’t apply to all products so read some reviews in order to be certain that you are making the right choice.