26 January

Tips for making commercial buildings more energy efficient


Whether we are talking about factories or office buildings, as a business owner you must find a variety of ways of decreasing your energy bills, in order to maintain a fair and profitable business. Oftentimes, high energy bills translate to high prices for products and services, and many potential clients might be intimidated by those, even if they have a great quality. In these cases, it’s advisable to have spray foam insulation Toronto installed, since it seems to be one of the best alternatives currently available on the market. Below are some reasons this alternative might help business owners make their buildings more energy efficient and a couple of other benefits as well.

1. These teams fully understand a building’s challenges

Air infiltrations differ from building to building, sometimes making it difficult to spot and correct them. Therefore, specialised teams are able to find places where air might get in. With some help from highly efficient insulation materials, such as spray foam, you can completely fill in crevasses and obstruct outdoor air from coming inside. The immediate effect is lower energy bills on heating and cooling, since a constant temperature is easier to maintain, without overusing the necessary HVAC systems.

2. Insulating has a positive environmental impact

All the energy consumption is transformed into carbon dioxide and as you might know, it has devastating effects on out environment. Moreover, many enterprises are obligated to follow some regulations when it comes to energy efficiency. Unlike other alternatives, insulating your buildings is a more cost effective alternative and not only, those going for it being able to recover their investment in a matter of years, because of reduced energy consumption, therefore smaller energy bills.

3. More comfort = more productivity

And since reducing energy bills isn’t the only thing that raises productivity, you must also take into account your employee’s comfort, which is great way of making them become more productive. The fact is we all enjoy working in a warm environment during winter and a cool one during hot summer days. Moreover, production flows can remain within normal parameters, because sometimes, during extreme weather, it is very easy to overuse electricity systems and manufacturing equipment can stop working, leading to significant loss. However, efficient insulating materials can help you reduce energy consumption.  

4. You can minimise outside noise

Although any type of insulation can help with reducing disturbing outdoor noises, spray foam seems to do the best job. Because of its chemical properties of completely filling all kinds of cracks and crevasses, it is the perfect alternative if you look forward to making the environment in your office building quieter and more appropriate for work for you and your employees as well.

Insulating a business building comes with a couple of benefits, all important, but the most relevant of them all seems to be the reduced amount of energy registered after installing it.