25 May

Tips to plan a successful outdoor event for your business

If you want to celebrate your business and you want to organise a unique event, you should consider an outdoor party. In case the weather is warm enough, your guests will really enjoy taking part to an outdoor party. However, this does not mean that you do not have to be prepared for bad weather, because even in the summer can rain. The success of your event is influenced by multiple factors, and you have to make sure that you consider every one of them, even if at the beginning they may not seem very important. One of the first things you have to do is to outdoor catering equipment hire South London, because you have to make sure that a professional company will handle this aspect. Depending on the company, you hire, you may ask them to offer both the catering equipment, but also the dishes. Here are some tips that will help you plan a perfect event.

Make sure you know the amount of work the event requires

You have to decide if you organise the event in a facility that is already established, or you choose the venue and hire a marquee hire company. In case you choose an already existing outdoor facility, you will cut your work a lot, but this does not mean that you cannot organise an amazing event if you choose a space that needs a marquee to be installed in case of bad weather. You will have to make sure that you bring everything to the venue, and it would be easier if you collaborate with a marquee provider to do all the work for you.

Check for layout and logistics

When you decide upon the venue, you have to make a sketch of the space and take photos, because you will have to inform the catering provider on the places they will have to install certain equipment. You will have to decide where the guests and crew will stay and where the suppliers will store the aliments and dishes. Make sure that the catering equipment and the other providers collaborate in order to coordinate their actions.

Ensure your guests comfort

You have to make sure that you talk with the catering provider to bring a steady supply of water and drinking supplies and spread them around the marquee. Also, make sure that you rent portable air conditioners, if the event takes place during the hot days of summer.