11 December

Tools that Make Housework Easy

When you think of housework, you think of strenuous chores that include no pleasure or relaxation, so you are never enthusiastic about them. You could enjoy housework more if you would have the following tools at hand so your chores will be considerably easier to perform. Take a look at some useful and practical house tools that will make you see housework a lot different.

#1 – The router

With a router, you can cut wood and build things like furniture, toys, or garden items with ease so you can even start to like wood crafting. A useful model like the bosch 1617evspk that is compact and easy to use is very versatile and can help you perform wood cutting tasks faster and in safe conditions. Bosch is a reliable tools manufacturer and their router kit is among the best products that can be used for a variety of projects around the house. Use the Bosch 1617evspk router on a router table so you won’t get hurt and your cuts will be very precise, allowing you to build a wide range of items.

#2 – The set of wrenches

If a chair’s screws are loose, if a pipe is leaking water, if you need to tighten a bolt or you need to assemble a piece of furniture, you definitely need to have a set of wrenches at home. They come in different sizes, each one to fit a certain nut size, so you will have to buy a complete set to make sure you have the right one at hand.

#3 – The pliers and shears

You can use the pliers and the sears for so many housework chores that you absolutely need to have them at home. Whether you need to cut something or to trim your hedges, a plier or a shear will be up for the job.

#4 – The drill

Instead of screwing things with the screwdriver, opt for a hand drill that is very compact and can help you install or disassemble anything in a few minutes. A powerful drill allows you to make holes in walls or furniture so it will come in handy in a variety of housework chores.

#5 – The saw

You can’t build or fix something if you don’t have a saw to cut the right pieces that need to be joined together. Therefore, no matter what type of saw you have, make sure it is stored in your tool shed next time you start a DIY project. For maximum convenience, try the electric saw and combine it with the router table to create a very useful and versatile tool combo.

#6 – The sledgehammer

Perfectly combining brute force and finesse, the sledgehammer is another mandatory tool for housework, especially in the case of those who intend to do major changes over time or who take up remodeling often. With a single swing overhead, the tool will help deliver a bomb-blast of destructiveness, easing your work when you have to take down a wall or do similar heavy-duty tasks.

#7 – The pipe wrench

Another definite must-have is the pipe wrench as it fulfills an important specific purpose – holding a pipe and fittings. It might not be the most versatile tool out there, but seeing how a leaky pipe could always appear, it is a tool you will inevitably need at your disposal at one point. Featuring a rigid and heavy body, it makes it easy for you to fix leaks when they appear, the tool preventing a big disaster from unfolding.